Redefining Smart
We're redefining the virtual nucleus of your home.

We're disappointed with the current state of smart homes that are a more frustrating way of interacting with your lights. What happened to the futuristic homes envisioned in 1999 where your home does the right thing all day long? Blinds that automatically adjust to block out glare, but make sure you can see every sunset? Lights that follow you around the house and never leave you in the dark?

We're building that future home, designed to be hands off and do the right thing for you all day long. We'll work with you so you can tell it how you're feeling/what you're doing, and it will automatically adjust to your preferences. You won't have to fumble in the dark for switches, and your lights will only run when needed.

Our Platform

You own it

Your home automation system runs in your house, with no reliance on cloud components. It's owned by you, and only you. We'll keep remote access to diagnose and keep it up to date, but only as long as you want to keep a maintenance contract with us. We'll give you the option to buy annual maintenance that will cover anything that needs to be done, including hardware repair, service calls, and periodic upgrades to the latest and greatest we have to offer.

No lock-in

Your home will not be dependent on a single vendor. Instead, we use a variety of open source software and open standards hardware at the heart of it all, that's easy to install, easy to maintain, and in the rare event of failure, easy to replace. And anyone with a software engineering background will be able to come in and work on it, you're not limited to only one specific programmer.

Fail gracefully

Computers are computers. They don't always work right. If things break, you shouldn't be left in the dark by a home that takes control completely out of your hands. You'll still have normal switches that you can use in the event of a failure, and we can hide them if you want them hidden out of view as you'll almost never need to touch them. And if things break, your system can alert us, and in many cases we can repair it the same day.

Be unobtrusive

Your home should get out of your way. You shouldn't fight with voice assistants or finicky scene buttons to get the right thing done. You shouldn't even have to think about interacting with your home, unless you have a specific need for what you're doing at the moment. Instead, it should just do the right thing, with lighting that reliably follows you around the house without you having to even think about it. Isn't that the point of a smart home?

Moods, not scenes

So many vendors give you buttons in each room that you have to press for lights, and all they do is turn them to predefined settings. We think that's old and busted. Your home should be capable of letting you tell it what mood you're in, and do the right thing from there. Feeling cozy? Working? Entertaining? Something else? We'll define all your common scenarios and you can choose from them on our touch pad controllers.

Perfect Wi-Fi

Dead zones and slow Internet connectivity frustrates us all. We have an extensive background in properly engineered network and Wi-Fi systems. No mesh, no high transmit power, just well placed access points designed like an enterprise network. You'll have no dead zones, just perfect connectivity everywhere. We can only get as good as your ISP provides, but in most cases your home network will no longer be the bottleneck.

Threat mitigation

We also have a serious focus on security. Let's talk about what devices are on your network and what needs to talk to what. Your child's computer, TV, or visiting devices don't need to be able to try to talk to your computer that has your sensitive documents on it, so why let them try?

Let's build something special

At this time we only serve the greater Denver, CO area.

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